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Meeting Date: 04/27/2021  
Submitted For: Chloe McGuire Brigl By: Chloe McGuire Brigl, Community Development

Adopt Resolution #21-090 Approving Storyteller Cafe, Case of Stories Foundation (Project 20-120)
The purpose of this case is to review a proposed cafe within The COR from the Stories Foundation (the "Applicant") for Storyteller Cafe. The project site is currently owned by the City and is under purchase agreement from the Applicant. The site is approximately 0.52 acres and is part of Outlot B of the COR Stone Brook Academy Plat. The project site is unaddressed and located between Sunwood Drive NW and Veterans Drive NW, and along Yolite Street NW. The project proposes a mixed-use 2-story, 6,892 square foot building with a café, retail, office, and event space on the ground floor, residential uses on the second floor (3 units), and on-site parking including a drive-thru.

The Storyteller Cafe would serve breakfast and lunch as well as serving to provide office space to the nonprofit that runs the cafe along with retail and event space.  The nonprofit currently employs two full time staff and two part time staff.  The nonprofit would hire at least one more full time manager and 2-3 part time employees to run the cafe/retail space.  The nonprofit goal is to begin to use the space to offer job training in year two of operation. Job training would be provided in a variety of industries and to vulnerable people and those who have been exploited.
Notification is not required for Site Plan or Final Plat.
The proposed project is located in the "COR-2 Commercial" subdistrict of the City's COR development plan. Below is a brief analysis of the COR2 guidelines, with a full review attached. Please note that Staff has queued this up as a contingent approval with some major contingencies listed below and included in the attached resolution. Typically, projects at this phase (that require major updates) would not be coming to Council until plans are closer to approval. However, this project has a scheduled closing date, and in order to get the Applicant feedback and allow them to start on closing documents, Staff has brought this forward as a contingent approval.

Final plans will come back to Council for final approval.

Structures within this subdistrict are expected to make The COR unique, inviting and memorable. Architecture is to be '4-sided' at all locations visible to public areas. Emphasis is placed on great design along the public street frontage.  The Applicant provided an image showing the front of the structure (north elevation) but not the east, west, or south elevations.  The north elevation shows quality materials and a high level of architecture and Staff is supportive of the architecture shown but will need to see the elevations of the other three sides of the building to verify the "4-sided" architecture.
  • Contingency of Approval: Provide elevations for all 4 sides of the building including 4 sided architecture with no vinyl lap siding, update rear elevation with additional articulation. Move garbage enclosure away from drive-thru lane. Confirm that ADA Parking Stalls meet State requirements.
Build to Line
The build to line required is 15 feet.  That distance is to be measured from building front to right-of-way (40% of front facade required to be within the max.) 
  • Contingency of Approval: Revise the site plan to be a maximum of 15 feet from Sunwood Drive property line. Delineate edge of patio with planters, planter boxes, or another edging treatment to help clearly identify public and private areas.
Off-street parking and access
The applicant has proposed a parking area located on the south part of the lot, with two proposed parking accesses along Yolite Street NW. There are 14 parking stalls proposed, which includes two accessible stalls located closest to the building. The parking standards in the COR District are as follows: 2 stalls per 1,000 square feet for retail and office uses and 3 stalls per 1,000 square feet for restaurant uses. A more detailed breakdown of the floorplan would enable staff to calculate the required stalls for the building.

Drive thru: The applicant has proposed a drive thru. Adequate stacking distance of not less than five vehicles shall be provided. The site plan should more clearly define the drive thru area and must demonstrate the provision for stacking space does not interfere with other drive areas, parking spaces, sidewalks, or pedestrian access to the main entry of the building.
Screening shall be provided of automobile headlights in the drive-thru lane to windows and doors of adjacent uses. Screening must be at least three feet in height at installation and fully opaque, consisting of a wall, fence, dense vegetation, berm or grade change.
  • Contingency of Approval: Modify drive-thru onsite to meet stacking requirements and safe traffic entrances. Provide a stacking diagram and ensure that the diagram shows headlight direction and update with screening onsite if needed. Add bike rack to site.
Residential Component
The floor plan on the second floor shows three apartment units. The Subject Property is approximately 0.52 acres. This project is the city's first true vertically mixed use (residential/commercial) building.

Next Steps
Tonight's approval is a contingent approval allowing the Applicant some surety that the City is supportive of the project moving forward. After plans are updated, Staff will bring the project back for final approvals. Additionally, a development agreement must come back for Council approval.
Funding Source:
Costs associated with this proposal are the responsibility of the Applicant.
Staff is supportive of the project moving forward with contingencies and direction as noted throughout the case. Staff recommends approving the project contingent upon approved plans, which require significant engineering updates to ensure the project site functions (e.g. grading, utilities, paving, etc.). Staff will bring the project back after plans are updated for final approval. Staff recommends a contingent approval at this time to allow the Applicant to begin closing on the Subject Property and provide the Applicant some assurance that the City is supportive of the project. 
Motion to adopt Resolution #21-090 approving the project contingent upon revised plan sheets.


Site Location Map
Site Plan
Building Elevation
Ground Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
Planning Review
Changemark Report (Staff Comments)
ACTION: Resolution 21-090

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