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Meeting Date: 09/21/2021  
Submitted For: Grant Riemer By: Grant Riemer, Engineering/Public Works

Consider Stop Sign Installation at Garnet St. and 137th Lane
Staff has received a request for stop signs at the intersection of 137th Lane and Garnet St.  Currently there are no stop signs on any legs of the intersections. The requested action would change this intersection to a 2-way stop, with the stop condition on the east and west legs of 137th Ln. The reasons given for requesting the additional stop signs are poor visibility at that intersection. There are tree limbs that limit visibility at 137th Ln in the south west quadrant when looking south on Garnet St.  The trees could be trimmed up to eliminate the sight line issue, but the resident at 6900 137th Ln opposes this action and would like to see a stop sign installed, instead of trimming the trees back.
 We used the PW radar trailer to gather information on vehicle speed and to determine the  85 percentile speed.  The 85 percentile is defined as " “the speed at or below which 85 percent of all vehicles are observed to travel under free-flowing conditions past a monitored point.” The trailer was in place approximately  August 16th, through September 10th
10-15 minutes
The following information was gathered at the intersection:
Weekday Average on Garnet St - 677 ADT
Weekday Average on 137th Ln east of  Garnet St 137 ADT
Weekday Average on 137th Ln west of Garnet St 350 ADT
Posted speed limit at intersection-30 mph
Average Speed on Garnet St - 21 mph
85th percentile speed On Garnet St- 26 mph
Accident data- no accidents reported for this intersection for past 3 years

Based on the information gathered, this intersection does not meet the warrants outlined in the Minnesota Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices because of the following factors:
1. Insuffcient traffic volumes
2. No accident history at the intersection
3. Sufficient visibility at the intersection, if trees in ROW are trimmed back


Funding Source:
This case was prepared as part of normal Staff duties.  Any signs recommended for installation would come from the general fund budget.
Staff recommends not  installing additional stop signs at this intersection, based on the traffic counts and accident history.  Staff would  recommend that the trees located in the ROW be trimmed back to improve visibility.
Motion to accept staff recommendation to not install additional stop signs at 137th Lane/Garnet St based on the traffic counts and accident history.  Staff also recommends that the trees located in the ROW be trimmed back to improve visibility  or reject staff recommendation and approve alternative motion based on committee discussion.

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