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Meeting Date: 09/09/2021  
Submitted For: Mark Riverblood By: MaryJo Warner, Engineering/Public Works

Recommend Park Dedication and Trail Fees for North Brook Meadows, (the Hunt Property).
At the regular August Planning Commission meeting, the Commission approved a Preliminary Plat a for a seventy-seven (77) lot residential subdivision west of Nowthen Blvd NW and south of 175th Ave NW.  The site is a 40 acre piece of land, with the majority owned by the Hunt Family, a long-time resident of Ramsey, and the case was previously referred to as "Hunt Addition."

The purpose of this case is to recommend Park Dedication and Trail Fees for the proposed subdivision.
The City attempted to notify all property owners, as reflected in the Anoka County Property Records, within 700 feet of the Subject Property of the request by U.S. Mail. The Public Hearing notice was also posted in the City's Official Newspaper, the Anoka County Union Herald.
The following in quotations are excerpts from the aforementioned Planning Commission case:

"Key Staff Comments
  • Wetlands and Floodplain: All wetlands will be delineated and approved by the Lower Rum River Watershed Management Organization, which will also need to issue a permit in order for work to start onsite. All floodplain will also need to be shown on the plat sheets. Wetlands will be encumbered by a 16.5 foot easement. The City of Ramsey can require as-builts with any new home that is built in the City. Based on the sensitive environmental nature and potential increase to insurance associated with owning a property by the floodplain, Staff will require as-builts for all of these lots.
  • Utilities: The City is working with Bolton and Menk on an Infrastructure Study for the general planning area of Trott Brook North, north of the Brook, and between Variolite St and Nowthen Blvd. The Infrastructure Study includes this property. The preliminary infrastructure study shows that this site could develop independently from the properties to the south, however, it is much more likely that they will develop in tandem due to the large costs associated with developing the site alone. Trunk utilities will need to be brought to this site in order for it to develop. 
  • Sidewalks and Trails: The City requires a sidewalk on every side of a public street. Additionally, the City will require a trail along Nowthen Blvd, 173rd, and 175th. 175th is likely to be reconstructed in the future, or potentially realigned, so the developer has the option to pay into the trail fund or build the trail along 175th. Additionally, there will need to be a pedestrian crossing on 173rd. 
  • Roads: 173rd will need to be upgraded to a full public road as part of this project. The Applicant is working with the Applicant to the south coordinating on this item. It is likely that there will be a cost-share agreement outlined as part of road project, which will be discussed with the Applicants and City Council. 
  • Lot Sizes and Alignments: All of the proposed lots are 80 foot wide lots, proposed outside of the large gas easement on the property. There is additional landscaping proposed along the western boundary with existing residential lots. The existing home on the SE lot will be removed as part of this project. 
  • Timing: Based on the time of year, and need to get trunk utilities (sewer and water) to the Subject Properties, it is very unlikely there will be any homes built onsite this year. There may be some preliminary grading (moving dirt) on the Subject Properties this year. 

Platting Process
  1. Sketch Plan - Identify red flags and direct the Applicant on moving forward to Preliminary Plat
  2. Preliminary Plat - Engineering documents, formal public hearing, if approved, the project has entitlement (we are here)
  3. Final Plat - Construction documents and legal agreements, only heard by City Council"

For many years, the City has contemplated a sixth community park in this north-central part of the community, that would also serve neighborhood park needs for this proposed subdivision, and others near it.  Last year, the Park and Recreation Commission reviewed a concept plan for the adjoining Makowsky property, and recommended at such time as that property would develop, that Park Dedication be satisfied by the dedication of land and the farmstead as the sixth community park. The City is currently working with a developer and anticipates a subdivision application for the approximately 160 acre Makowsky property in 2021.

Because it appears that park land will be acquired in the vicinity of the proposed North Brook Meadows, and that the new elementary school to the south and east has playfields and a playground, Staff is recommending Park Dedication and Trail Fees be satisfied by cash—and that trails and sidewalks provide the connection to parks for the new neighborhood.  (The trails identified within the Planning Commission case are basic infrastructure requirements along arterial roadways, and consistent with the City's two-decade old policy, are not eligible for credit from Trail Fees.)
Funding Source:
The Applicant is responsible for all costs associated with review.
Staff recommends Park Dedication and Trail Fees be satisfied by cash, according to the City's rates charges schedule, based upon the number of units at the time of Final Plat approval.
Motion to Recommend to City Council that Park Dedication and Trail Fees be satisfied by cash, for the North Brook Meadows subdivision.

Site Location
Preliminary Plat
Park and Trail map
Playground locations

Form Review
Inbox Reviewed By Date
Grant Riemer Grant Riemer 09/03/2021 12:38 PM
Form Started By: MaryJo Warner Started On: 09/02/2021 02:24 PM
Final Approval Date: 09/03/2021


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