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Meeting Date: 09/09/2021  
Submitted For: Mark Riverblood By: MaryJo Warner, Engineering/Public Works

Recommend Park Dedication and Trail Fees for the proposed Lynwood Subdivision 
At the regular August Planning Commission meeting, the Preliminary Plat was approved for a proposed residential subdivision generally described as being west of Armstrong Boulevard, north of Bunker Lake Boulevard, and south of 151st Lane, and south and west of Fire Station #1, named the Lynwood Subdivision.  (While Preliminary Plat approval was granted, there are many details that remain to worked out before the project may receive Final Plat approval.)  The purpose of this case is recommend Park Dedication and Trail Fees.
The City attempted to notify all property owners, as reflected in the Anoka County Property Records, within 700 feet of the Subject Property of the request by U.S. Mail, as part of the Planning Commission meetings and approvals.
Project Overview
The Subject Property is approximately thirty-four (34) acres in size.  The Applicant is proposing a residential subdivision that includes a mix of single family lots in the northwestern portion and attached townhomes in the remainder of the Subject Property.  The single family residential portion would have a density of three (3) units per acre and the attached townhome portion would have a density of approximately six (6) units per acre. 

Park and Trail availability
This new neighborhood is being created in an area with many parks in proximity, as well as trails to access them and other destinations, like Ramsey's downtown.  This includes a trail on the west side or Armstrong Boulevard that was funded by a DNR trail grant about 10 years ago, which would be a requirement of the Applicant to build, had it not been already constructed.  Because of the above, Staff is recommending the Park Dedication and Trail Fees be satisfied by a cash, based upon the number of units created at the time of Final Plat approval.

The other development requirement relating to parks and trails would be the dedication of a trail easement along the the south side of the wetland as has been done by the other recent developments north of Bunker Lake Boulevard—known as the Lake Itasca Greenway, a crucial element of the Circle of Ramsey and as included in the City's Comprehensive Plan. The precise location of this easement would be identified by working with the Applicant before the project proceeds to City Council for Final Plat approval.

The attachments to this case include a parks proximity, and the Circle of Ramsey exhibit.

Funding Source:
All costs associated with this request are the Applicant's responsibility.
Staff recommends that Park Dedication and Trail Fees be satisfied by cash, according to the City's rates charges schedule, based upon the number of units at the time of Final Plat approval—and that the Final Plat include a trail easement from east to west, south of the wetland within the land being subdivided.
Motion to recommend to City Council that, Park Dedication and Trail Fees be satisfied by a cash, together with a trail easement at the south of the Lynwood Subdivision for the future construction of a portion of the Circle of Ramsey.

Site Location
Preliminary Plat
Park and Trail proximity exhibit
Circle of Ramsey Greenway

Form Review
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Grant Riemer Grant Riemer 09/03/2021 12:35 PM
Form Started By: MaryJo Warner Started On: 09/02/2021 02:15 PM
Final Approval Date: 09/03/2021


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