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Meeting Date: 09/14/2021  
By: Bria Raines, Community Development

Adopt Resolution #21-232 Approving G-Will Liquors Site Plan and Final Plat (Project 21-127)
The purpose of this case is to review the site plan from Rademacher Companies, Inc. (the "Applicant") for a new commercial building South of Ken's Repair and Sales on State Highway 47 (St. Francis Blvd) and North of Alpine Drive NW. The Subject Property is owned by Wendy Becker and is approximately 21 acres, of which only a portion will be purchased by the Applicant and platted. The Subject Property is known as PID 24-32-25-23-0002. The site is zoned B-1 Business District and is accessed off Alpine Drive. 
The City attempted to notify property owners within 700 feet of the Subject Property, as noted in the Anoka County Property Records. The notice was also published in the City's official newspaper, the Anoka County UnionHerald.
Staff has received the concept plan for the following items and found it to be generally consistent with the guidance for this area.

The proposed plat is located at the corner of Alpine Drive and St. Francis Boulevard (Highway 47).  Any plat abutting a State highway is subject to the review and comment by the MnDOT. Responding to MnDOT Review comments is a condition of plat approval.
Trail currently exists along Alpine Drive. No other public sidewalks and/or trail or trails are planned for this area.
Waste Storage
Elevations provided show the trash enclosure in the parking lot near the North East corner of the property. Applicant must clarify trash handling equipment with regard to equipment size and type of screening.
The plan set shows twenty-two (22) lighting fixtures, along the storefront and the parking lot. City Code requires that lighting used to illuminate an off-street parking area be arranged to deflect light away from adjacent residential districts or public streets. The photometric plan indicates that no illumination will spread beyond the bounds of the site which is in compliance with City Code.
The plat has access to city sewer and water in Alpine Drive. Site and Building plans have been submitted illustrating the extension of Utility services onto this property. The City Engineer will comment on the utility plan for the site.
Parking/Site Access:
Per the city code, one parking stall is required for every 250 square feet of convenience store space. The site plan shows a 12,059 square foot building with 54 parking stalls, two (2) of which are shown as disability parking stalls. 48 stalls are required for the 12,059 square feet of office use, two (2) of which must be disability parking stalls. Assuming the applicant would like to plan for 54 parking stalls, a third disability parking stall is required.
All parking stalls measure 9 feet in width and 18 feet in depth width drive aisle being 24 feet or more in width.  The parking lot will be paved with bituminous and have a continuous concrete curb around the entire perimeter of the paved parking and loading areas.  The driveway and truck maneuvering area at the rear of the building are proposed to have heavy duty bituminous pavement to handle the larger trucks.  The parking lot and drive aisles each meet City standards in dimension and design.
Loading Areas
The building is designed with one loading area. The loading area is located at the side of the building away from the public street. The side yard pavement, provides maneuvering area between the parking lot island and the loading docks retaining walls. The loading areas is dimensioned and designed to meet code standards and provide adequate maneuvering space for semi-truck to access and egress the building’s loading dock effectively. 
Site Grading
The proposed development requires the nearly the entire site to be disturbed. The City Engineer will review and comment on the grading and drainage plan. This area will require the restoration of ground cover and landscaping. The paving and restoration plan show the establishment of sod and plants in the area disturbed by grading.
Architectural Review
The B-1 General business District is to provide a commercial area for goods and services for the surrounding neighborhoods and community on a smaller scale. The building façade is consistent with City Code approved exterior wall finishes; face brick, stucco, glass, natural stone, and pre-cast concrete units. The glass has been limited to a small percentage of the front façade with no windows on the building sides. A majority of the lighting will be artificial, with little natural light. There is no requirement in the B-1 Business District for minimum window coverage percent of façade.  
Funding Source:
The Applicant is responsible for all costs associated with project review.

The case does include a land transaction with the current Property Owner - the Applicant has a purchase agreement with the Property Owner to purchase the property.
The Planning Commission recommended approval of the site plan as drafted in the attached resolution.
Motion to adopt Resolution #21-232 approving the site plan and final plat for G-Will Liquors.

Site Plan
Site Location Map
Landscaping Plan
Proposed Final Plat
Color Renderings
Staff Site Plan Review
Planning Commission Minutes
Resolution #21-232

Form Review
Inbox Reviewed By Date
Bruce Westby Bruce Westby 09/09/2021 01:54 PM
Form Started By: Bria Raines Started On: 09/02/2021 01:30 PM
Final Approval Date: 09/09/2021


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