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Meeting Date: 09/23/2021  
By: Brian McCann, Community Development

Consider Ordinance #21-15 Creating Additional Requirements for Driveways and Parking Pads
A proposed ordinance to regulate additional driveway space, and parking pads in the City of Ramsey. The City currently regulates driveway standards in regards to type of material, width at street, and distance from neighboring property lines. Additional driveway and parking pad requirements would help City staff and residents with future impervious surface expansions.
Notification is not required at this time. A notice will be advertised in the Anoka County Union-Herald when it is introduced to the City Council.
At the June Planning Commission regular meeting, the Planning Commission had requested an ordinance update to create more requirements for parking pads and width of driveways in residential districts. The Commission had stated they would like to see a limited width for driveways, a limited number of parking pads per property, and a way to ensure the parking capacity isn't expanded as set in City Code Section 117-355 - Residential Development Off-Street Parking. Planning Staff members have drafted Ordinance #21-15 for review by the Planning Commission to determine if it would meet their proposed requirements, and be sent to the City Council for formal adoption.

July Planning Commission Meeting
Proposed changes as recommended by the Planning Commission at their regular meeting on July 22, 2021 include:
  • Variance information to exceed standards set in the ordinance
  • Driveways: 15 foot extension requirement for the side yard of a primary garage exclusively
  • Graphic included in the attachments to demonstrate proposed ordinance restrictions on driveways and parking pads
Staff have also included regulations from surrounding cities - although many surrounding cities did not have any additional standards for parking pads, just for driveways. Staff have also presented a table that outlines proposed sizes and number of parking pads. The draft Ordinance has also been updated to include the proposed table, and requests of the Planning Commission.

Parking pads have also been presented to align with the City's residential off-street parking standards. The proposed number of pads and sizes of pads was determined by taking the average vehicle size (50 square feet) and multiplying it by the number of allowed outdoor storage items per property size (ranges from 6-10 based on property size):
  • Parcels less than 2 acres: 1 pad (300 sf max)
  • Parcels between 2 acres and 4.99 acres: 2 pads (400 sf max - each)
  • Parcels 5 acres or larger: 3 pads (500 sf max - each)

Alternative 1: Recommend adoption of Ordinance #21-15 to the City Council. Staff supports this alternative.
Alternative 2: Recommend additional changes be made to Ordinance #21-15, and an updated draft be presented to the Planning Commission at their next regular meeting. Staff is also supportive of this alternative.
Alternative 3: Recommend denial of Ordinance #21-15 to the City Council. Staff does not support this alternative.
Funding Source:
This case is being handled as part of Staff's regular duties.
Staff recommends forwarding Ordinance #21-15 to the City Council for adoption.
Motion to recommend City Council adopt Ordinance #21-15.

Ordinance #21-15
Surrounding City Regulations
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