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Meeting Date: 08/16/2021  
By: Chris Anderson, Community Development

Consider Natural Resources Aspects of North Brook Meadows Preliminary Plat (Project No. 20-105)
The City has received an application from Platinum Land (the "Applicant") for Preliminary Plat review of North Brook Meadow, located at the southwestern corner of Nowthen Boulevard and 175th Avenue (the "Subject Property").
General Project Overview
The Applicant is proposing a seventy-seven (77) lot, single family home residential subdivision.  The Subject Property is zoned R-1 Residential (MUSA) - 80 and is approximately thirty-five and a half (35.5) acres in size.  The proposed net density is approximately 2.2 units per acre (maximum allowed is 3 units per acre).  The units would be connected to city services (sanitary sewer, water, and storm sewer).

Natural Resources Inventory
The City's Natural Resources Inventory (NRI) identifies a Moderate Quality mixed emergent marsh (wetland) in the northwest corner of the Subject Property.  The remainder of the Subject Property is categorized as planted or cultivated vegetation in the Minnesota Land Cover Classification System (MLCCS).  It does not appear that any impacts are proposed to the wetland area.

Wetlands and Floodplain
There is wetland located in the northwest corner of the Subject Property.  It does appear that the required sixteen and a half foot(16.5') setback has been included on the plan set.  It does not appear that any impacts are proposed to the wetland.

A portion of the northwest corner of the Subject Property also has floodplain.  Per the FEMA floodplain maps, this is categorized as General Floodplain District, meaning that there has been no detailed study to determine the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) or floodway and flood fringe.  However, the City's Surface Water Management Plan does include data on estimated 100 year peak elevations based on modeling.  It appears that the best available data currently shows the estimated BFE as 885 feet.  Floodplain boundaries need to be added to the plan sheets to determine if there are any potential impacts.

Tree Inventory and Preservation Plan
A tree inventory was completed.  Staff is requesting additional information such as total number of significant tree Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) inches, number of inches preserved, number of inches removed, and for any removals, a brief description of why (e.g. mass grading, stormwater pond, etc.).  This information is necessary to verify whether the project is meeting the tree preservation requirements outlined in City Code (preserving at least 40% of the significant tree DBH inches on site, or reforestation of 1.25 inches for every 1 inch over the threshold).

Trees in the southwest and southeast corners are proposed to be preserved.  The trees in the southwest corner would provide decent screening of the new lots for the adjacent, existing residential homes.  The trees in the southeast corner will help buffer noise from vehicular traffic on Nowthen Boulevard.

Landscape Plan
The plans indicate at least two (2) trees per lot being planted, with additional plantings for the lots backing up to Nowthen Boulevard and screening plantings for many of the lots that back up to adjacent, existing single family lots.  All species are acceptable and all sizes meet/exceed what City Code requires.

Staff has requested that the plan be updated to show each lot receiving two front yard yard trees, with the preference for at least one per lot to be installed in the boulevard area.  Additionally, there is a gas line easement that bisects the Subject Property and Staff has noted that it would be appropriate to verify with the easement holder (appears to be Northern Natural Gas Company) whether there is any concern with trees being installed within this easement.
Funding Source:
All costs associated with this request are the Applicant's responsibility.
Motion to recommend approval of the Landscape and Tree Preservation Plans, contingent upon compliance with staff review comments in ProjectDox.

Site Location Map
Site Plan
Tree Preservation Plan
Landscape Plan

Form Review
Inbox Reviewed By Date
Bruce Westby Bruce Westby 08/12/2021 03:05 PM
Form Started By: Chris Anderson Started On: 08/06/2021 11:52 AM
Final Approval Date: 08/12/2021


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