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Meeting Date: 07/23/2019  
By: Chloe McGuire Brigl, Community Development

Adopt Resolution 19-155 Approving Site Plan, Final Plat, and Conditional Use Permit for Armstrong West Retail Mall
The purpose of this case is to review a site plan proposal from PSD, LLC (the "Applicant") for a retail building on the corner of Armstrong Boulervard NW and Sunwood Drive/147th Avenue NW (near the interchange) at the properties generally known as 8020 147th Ave NW and 8019 146th Ave NW (the "Subject Property"). The commercial building is similar to a strip mall or retail node and is proposed to have two drive-thrus and multiple tenants.

The items involved with this review include:
  • Site Plan
  • Conditional Use Permit (Over-Sized Monument Sign)
  • Final Plat

The Planning Commission met on July 10, 2019 and discussed the application. They were supportive of the project and the monument sign.
Notifications of this proposal were sent via Standard US Mail to Property Owners within 700 feet of the Subject Property, as reflected by Anoka County Property Records. A notice was also published in the Anoka Union Herald, the City's official newspaper for the July 10, 2019 Planning Commission meeting.
The site is zoned COR and is in the COR commercial (retail) subdistrict. This area is more flexible in its uses than the typical zoning code, but requires a high-quality built environment, specifics on where buildings can be placed, and building design. In the COR, buildings have a 'build-to' line requirement, as opposed to a setback requirement. This brings buildings forward towards the street (such as City Hall) or limits the view of parking areas (such as Casey's). This development will be similar to Casey's, with a 3 - 4 foot stone wall on the north edge of the property with the future phase of development. This portion of the project proposes the building on the southern parcel, with a driveway from the north off 147th Avenue NW.  This zoning district also emphasizes the environment for pedestrians, and as such, the development will require sidewalk connections and a future phase of development will likely include a patio space.

The space will be a retail node, which the City is very supportive of. City Staff has heard throughout the comprehensive planning process that residents are looking for more spaces to shop, eat, and purchase local goods. Staff believes this retail center will be successful with its proximity to the COR and Highway 10, and hopes it spurs additional retail development.

Site Plan
The proposed building is an 'L' shaped building on the southern lot, with drive-thrus on the north and south sides of the buildings. The Applicant does not have secured tenants at this time that can be shared, but they are working on filling the space with tenants. The building will be designed so that one tenant could have a small storefront, or lease a few of the storefronts for a larger space. Staff is supportive of this flexible approach to gathering tenants, similar to Bunker Lake Industrial Park (BLIP) buildings. 

The Applicant has requested a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for an oversized monument sign onsite. The sign would be 75 feet tall with a 320 square foot sign face - including an electronic message board and space for tenant panels. Staff does not have additional information on the materials or the colors proposed; Staff is comfortable moving forward with a CUP for the oversized signage so long as the sign is held to the same standards as the Coborn's monument sign across the street, which included the requirement for a stylized base. Staff believes the sign will provide necessary visibility to the site near the interchange.

There are 53 proposed parking stalls onsite, with room for at least 17 cars to queue in the drive-thru lanes. The site does include shared parking with the future phase, which is a guideline/recommendation for parking in the COR Design Framework. The COR Design Framework states there should be 2 - 4 parking spaces per 1,000 square feet of retail space. This would correlate to approximately 30 - 60 spaces onsite for this retail node, which includes the amount proposed.
Funding Source:
The Applicant is responsible for all costs associated with review of the project. This site was previously owned by the City, which recently closed on a transaction with PSD, LLC to facilitate this project. There are no current business subsidy requests attached to this project.

Said real estate transaction included a swap with PSD, LLC internal to The COR to facilitate a required regional stormwater pond. This public improvement is now under construction.
The Planning Commission recommended the City Council adopt Resolution 19-155 approving site plan, final plat, and conditional use permit for Armstrong West Retail Mall.
Adopt Resolution 19-155 Approving Site Plan, Final Plat, and Conditional Use Permit for Armstrong West Retail Mall

Architectural Plan
Plan Set
Signage Proposal
Planning Review
Landscape Review
Draft July 10, 2019 Planning Commission Minutes
Resolution #19-155

Form Review
Inbox Reviewed By Date
Brian Hagen Tim Gladhill 07/17/2019 06:40 PM
Kurt Ulrich Kathy Schmitz 07/18/2019 01:48 PM
Form Started By: Chloe McGuire Brigl Started On: 07/15/2019 09:49 AM
Final Approval Date: 07/18/2019


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